Meir Kin – Lonna Ralbag


Several years ago we had a conversation with dayan Rav Avraham Gestetner, SHLITAH, of Monsey, NY, who has been involved in the Kin-Ralbag divorce case.

Our understanding from that conversation is:

1. Any claims that no Get was written for Lonna Kin, or that the Get cannot be located now, are flat out lies.

2. A kosher Get was written and Rav Gestetner’s Beis Din has jurisidiction over that Get. This was in fact explained in a letter written years ago by Rav Gestetner.

3. Rav Gestetner explained to Lonna Ralbag-Kin a number of years ago what has to be done for her to obtain the Get that has been written for her.

4. The steps required for Lonna Ralbag-Kin to obtain the Get have not been taken due to opposition from certain activist feminist rabbis who intervened in the case on behalf of Lonna.

5. Meir Kin is not the one chaining Lonna Ralbag-Kin. The feminist “rabbis” who intervened in the case are the ones who have tragically chained Lonna for their own kavod.

(Note: We have not recently consulted with Rav Gestetner about that case’s status. Since we last spoke with Rav Gestetner, it is possible circumstances in the case may have changed.)

These very informative videos by Dr. Meir Kin discuss “politically incorrect” Jewish divorce issues which are almost totally ignored by most rabbis nowadays!

Also, please note the informative documents listed on the YouTube video pages linked below.

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