Pincas Beis Din of Bais Din Tzedek Shamru Mishpot

To obtain PDF files of Bais Din Tzedek Shamru Mishpot documents:

– Please send an email to
– In the Subject Line of the email insert only a  number with the document requested.
– For an index of all documents available, insert 9999 in the subject line.

The document requested will be sent to you by email.


Web Links

NOTE: The following websites may have useful information pertaining to Jewish Divorce matters. Mishpat Tsedek is not affiliated with nor responsible for the content on any of the following websites.

1. Halacha of Marriage and Gittin

2. This site lists the names of married Jewish women who may be dating without having received a GET, or who may have received an invalid GET.

3. A collection of very enlightening articles on the “Divorce Regime”
Stephen Baskerville