Don’t Sign a Feminist Prenup

Don’t Sign a Feminist Prenup

No halacha respecting, self-respecting Jewish man should consider signing any of the contrived feminist prenups, often referred to as ” halachic prenups ”

The alleged “mezonos” payments imposed on the husband by the standard Modern Orthodox prenups are a pure halachic farce. The amounts imposed on the husband by the standard Modern Orthodox prenups far exceed halachic “mezonos”. Furthermore Shulchan Aruch, Evan HaEzer 70 states that a Jewish husband does not owe mezonos to his wife if she is refusing to live with him. That is exactly the situation the prenup was designed for.

The only purpose of these prenups is to grant a Jewish wife a special privilege not granted to her by halacha, and not granted by halacha to her husband either – ie the ability to arbitrarily divorce her husband at any time, using the full coercive powers of the non-Jewish courts.

The typical MO/ORA type prenup agreements are blatantly anti-halachic, one-sided, misandrist, sexist, and unjust. In the standard Modern Orthodox prenup agreement the Jewish husband is stripped of his halachic rights and all penalties for misbehavior are imposed only on the husband. The wife is never penalized or held accountable for her actions.

These abominable agreements are dreamed up by militant feminists in concert with certain Modern Orthodox rabbis who discard Torah halacha and Torah justice and bend over backwards to pander to the feminists.

Until the Modern Orthodox rabbis submit fair, reasonable, non-sexist, halachic prenup agreements, Jewish men should reject these bogus, one-sided prenups like the plague.