Torah Justice for Frum Fathers

Where is Torah Justice for Frum Divorced Fathers?

There are many Torah commandments pertaining to justice issues.

“Do not pervert justice” (Leviticus 19:15).
“The judge who perverts justice is called an unjust person, hateful and detested, doomed to destruction, and an abomination.” (Rashi on Leviticus 19:15).

“Orthodox” Feminist activists often love to proclaim their support for alleged “Justice” and “Gender Equality” in regards to Jewish women.

But the double standards and hypocrisy of the Orthodox Feminist activists are blatant.

If one examines the marriage/divorce policies of these activists, it is clear they are not promoting halachic divorce practices or halachic justice.

Rather the Orthodox Feminist activists are promoting blatant double standards of female power, privilege, and control over males.

The double standards promoted by these activists are in fact major causes of the alleged “agunot crisis” that the Orthodox Feminist activists constantly protest!

Here are some critical questions that need to be asked to the Orthodox Feminist activists:

1. ANTI-MALE PRENUPS: Why does the standard US Modern Orthodox prenup empower a Jewish wife to force a Jewish divorce on her husband for any reason using massive financial penalties, while Jewish husbands are not allowed any such option of forcing a Jewish divorce on their wives?

2. FEMALE Get REFUSAL ALLOWED: Why does the JOFA Guide to Jewish Divorce (available on the JOFA website) explicitly allow female Get refusal under some circumstances, while Get refusal by Jewish husbands is adamantly opposed by Orthodox Feminist activists who characterize it as evil, cruel, and unacceptable?

3. FAKE SERUVIM WEAPONIZED AGAINST MEN: Why are alleged “seiruvim” against Jewish men constantly publicized on Orthodox Feminist websites (such as the ORA and Jewish Press sites), even when the husbands are in compliance with halacha?

4. SERUVIM AGAINST WOMEN IGNORED: Why are valid seiruvim against Jewish women very rarely or else never publicized in the Orthodox Feminist media, even when the women have committed major violations of halacha?

5. PROTESTS ONLY AGAINST MEN: Why are alleged male Get refusers (including men compliant with halacha) often subjected to protests, public shaming, sanctions, etc. by Orthodox Feminist activists (such as ORA), while female Get refusers, female halacha violators, female mosrim, and female parental alienators are almost never subjected to any protests, public shaming, or sanctions?

6. ONLY HUSBANDS MUST CONCEDE: In typical divorce conflicts, why do the Orthodox Feminist “rabbis” and activists demand that the husband comply with his wife’s demands, including demands for a Get, while almost never demanding that the wife reciprocate by respecting the husband’s halachic rights, including respecting the husband’s rights to parent his children?

7. EVERY WIFE AN INNOCENT AGUNAH: Why do Orthodox Feminist “rabbis”, activists, and media often rush to label any woman in a divorce conflict as an innocent oppressed “agunah” worthy of public support, regardless of her halachic compliance, regardless of her halachic right to a Get, and regardless of any severe transgressions she committed against her husband?

8. EVERY HUSBAND GUILTY: Why do Orthodox Feminist “rabbis”, activists and media, when discussing divorce conflicts, often misrepresent halacha and facts to portray Jewish husbands as evil oppressors of their wives?

9. ANNULMENTS FOR WOMEN ONLY ALLOWED: Why do Orthodox Feminist “rabbis” and activists often extend full recognition to halachically invalid “marriage annulments” obtained by Jewish women, while usually refusing to recognize halachically valid heter meah rabbanim obtained by Jewish men?

10. CRUEL TREATMENT OF FATHERS IGNORED: Why do Orthodox Feminist “rabbis” and activists almost completely ignore the desperate plight of divorced Jewish fathers, many of whom are virtual agunim who have been alienated from or denied access to their children, or were financially crushed in non-Jewish courts, or were booted out of their homes on fake domestic violence charges?

Its time to start focusing some significant efforts on restoring halachic justice and halachic rights for frum divorced fathers.

Without halachic rights for Jewish men it may be impossible to preserve Jewish families and resolve the agunotagunim problems.