Facebook Thought Police and Anti-Semitism

We believe that thousands of conservative and religious Jews on Facebook are being targeted and discriminated against by anti-Semitic Facebook Thought Police.

One could try to argue that Facebook censorship is not a serious matter. However it is a serious matter that on a media platform that contains large numbers of Jews, both religious and non-religious, important Torah based articles and comments are being maliciously suppressed and deleted by totalitarian “progressives”.


Facebook’s top officers seem to be hardcore leftist Jews.



Here is an eye-opening report on how Facebook censors intentionally target conservatives on Facebook.


If you are a US Jew has who has been unjustly targeted by Facebook censors, please consider filing a civil rights complaint in the US Dept. of Justice.

If enough Jews complain to the DOJ that Facebook is targeting Jews for discrimination, perhaps they will take legal action against Fascist Book.

Civil rights complaints may be filed with the US DOJ here: