A few weeks ago protests against Meir Kin in Nevada were apparently conducted by the Instagram (fake) agunah mob. The fake agunah mob apparently protested at both the work place and residence of Meir Kin.
The fake agunah mobs pretend like they are rescuing “chained” women. In truth these mobs are masters at maliciously preventing Jewish divorce cases from properly settling and thus causing Jewish women to become permanent fake agunah poster girls. Thus advancing feminist agendas and strengthening the death grip of the fake agunah mobs over the Orthodox Jewish communities.
In my opinion, the message being delivered to Jewish men in divorce cases by the fake agunah mobs can be summarized as:
1. We demand that you immediately comply with all your wife’s demands for an immediate Get.
2. Should you fail to comply with your wife’s demand for an immediate Get:
– we will publicly destroy your reputation, using both Jewish and non-Jewish media
– we will publicly destroy the reputations of your rabbis, and conduct public protests against them, even though they are complying with halacha
– we will exploit your wife as a (fake) agunah poster girl, while exposing you as a wicked, misogynist abuser of women
– we will cause you (and your close relatives) to be fired from their jobs and/or we will ruin your business or your relative’s businesses
– we will viciously defame and protest against your close relatives (who have nothing to do with your divorce case) and make them miserable
– we will encourage your wife to alienate your children from you (if she hasn’t done so already)
– we will persuade your wife to never conduct a halachic divorce process in a non-feminist Bais Din
– we will support your wife’s litigation to destroy you in non-Jewish courts
– our feminist politicians in lieu of rabbis will issue fake seruvim falsely claiming you are in violation of halacha (when in truth the seruvim should be issued against your wife).
No normal, self-respecting Jewish man would submit to such mob demands and harassment, if he is able to resist that mob. Thus guaranteeing that the wife becomes a permanent (fake) agunah poster girl in cases (such as the Kin case) where the husband is able to resist the mob. Or if the husband is unable to resist the mob, thus guaranteeing that the wife will receive an invalid, coerced Get.
I certainly would like to see the Kin divorce case settled fairly (including a kosher Get) according to halachic principles. But I don’t believe this case will ever be settled as long as the (fake) agunah mobs are running the case.
In my opinion, a wife who refuses to cooperate with a reputable Beis Din (such as Even HaMishpot cannot possibly be an “agunah” in my opinion.