Rabbi Yehuda Levin shlitah is one of the few rabbis out there who is not afraid to tell it like it is.

For anyone who wants to correctly understand the nature of the current Jewish divorce crisis, I recommend the highly informative video posted below.

I have made a brief summary (in my own words) of some of the main points in the video:


“The Talmud tells us that in messianic times one of the reasons for Moshiach not arriving is the problems in the Batei Din. Rabbi Levin is asking all the Batei Din: When was the last time a divorce case did not rise to the level of chayav l’garesh in your Beit Din?

There is now a pandemic of Jewish divorces. Marriage is now a business deal and the heck with the children. There is every impetus for women to divorce now. Forty years ago the non-Jews understood that we mustn’t destroy families. Too many women imagine that they can easily get remarried after divorce. About 95% of Jewish divorces in Beit Din are initiated by the wives.

The Jewish Get Mafia in the US was stopped about ten years ago by the government. A certain populist rabbi in the Sefardic community has encouraged the agunah feminists to protest against husbands. A top dayan in the Syrian community, who is afraid to speak publicly, told Rabbi Levin privately that the gittin forced by the agunah feminist gangs are coerced and invalid. Rabbeinu Tam ruled that we are not allowed to force gittin. Harchakot d’Rabbeinu Tam (HDRT) means we don’t do favors for the husband, but we are not allowed to mention the Get. According to major poskim today, we do not do HDRT nowadays.

The new phenomenon of the Instagram agunah feminist gangs replaces the Get Mafia and represents a Jewish BLM.

The Talmud’s understanding of a wife’s claim of “maus ali” (my husband disgusts me) meant the husband suffered major physical defects, NOT like we have today where women want a divorce because “they fell out of love”. We must really work diligently on shalom bayis to correct this situation. We have a pervasive feminism nowadays where about 90% of psychologists and social workers are schooled in feminism, they focus on emasculating husbands and assigning blame for divorce on husbands.

If Jews do not do what the best of the non-Jews do, that is chilul Hashem. An “agunah” in the Talmud mean that a husband was missing, not that the wife no longer loves him. Rav Gestetner has been stating publicly what the Sephardi rabbis told Rabbi Levin privately. Rabbi Levin does not know a Beit Din today that is not feminized.

We need a new policy-no rabbi should be m’sader kiddushin until the couple has had three months of shalom bayis training.

Mexican Pachino, a present or former leader of the Instagram feminist gangs, is an am haaretz in halacha. Flatbush Girl is the female version of him, she’s not a girl, she’s a mama. Flatbush Girl mentioned in a video she made that if she is divorced, she will be mezaneh, this is disgusting. Amber Adler is an alien to our community and its values, she does not allow the children to speak to their father over the phone, this is not Yiddishkeit.

Shame on the Beit Din of America, Amber had a feminist lawyer that coerced the BDA to not enforce their ruling that the children should speak to their father. Amber Adler represents AOC, Jewish style.”


Churban Feminism – Rabbi Yehuda Levin on Divorce