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Jewish Fathers and Families is committed to providing news and information for the promotion of Jewish fatherhood, Jewish marriage and families, and authentic halacha (Jewish religious law).

In recent times, religious Jewish communities have suffered the full impact of the influence of the non-Jewish divorce cultures, including family disintegration, militant feminism, gender wars, and destruction of fatherhood that have become rampant in the non-Jewish world. These disasters are occurring while rabbinic leadership has largely been missing, or is even enabling these disasters in some cases.

For too long now, the Jewish media and rabbinical leadership have been failing to honestly and openly address the situations occurring in Jewish communities. Too much of the information being reported has been tainted with strong leftist, feminist, and/or anti-male biases.

This blog is an attempt to provide a more accurate, a more balanced, and a more father friendly explanation of this tragic situation by presenting, without apology, the undiluted and undistorted teachings of the traditional Jewish sages.


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This site is also interested in receiving case stories of individuals who have been denied their halachic rights.

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