Agunot Organizations Causing Agunot Crisis

That’s correct, the Agunot Organizations bare major responsibility for the agunot crisis!!!

Are you a Jewish woman seeking a kosher GET from your husband?

If so, please be aware that the so-called agunot organizations may very likely PREVENT you from obtaining a kosher GET ( Jewish divorce document ), causing you to remain a permanent virtual “agunah”!!!

Jewish women seeking a kosher GET are strongly advised not to utilize “agunah” activists or  groups such as the YU based Organization for the Resolution of Agunot.

The agunot organizations are not telling women that in most Jewish divorce cases the problem is NOT so-called GET-refusal. Women utilizing the agunot organizations to coerce Jewish divorces from their husbands are actually preventing themselves from receiving a Kosher GET, or else they are delaying receipt of a Kosher GET: 

1. If a GET is coerced from your husband due to protests, harassment, pressure, threats, PR campaigns, etc. conducted by these agunot organizations, the GET will be considered PASUL ( invalid ) by mainstream halachic authorities, and you will remain married to your husband under Jewish law.

2. Rabbis who do not recognize coerced GITTIN will prohibit your husband from delivering a GET to you the whole time the husbands are subject to any protests, harassment, pressure, threats, PR campaigns, etc. by the agunah groups and their activists. Thus you will remain married to your husband under Jewish law.

3. If your husband suffers any damages due to the agunot organizations such as being fired by his employer, being evicted from his apartment, damage to his reputation, etc., he will be able to claim these damages in Bais Din. The Bais Din will seek resolution of all divorce disputes and compensation for your husband’s damages before any GET is delivered.

Agunot Organizations and Activists

Today there are a number of “agunot” organizations and activists that are in fact promoting severe violations of Jewish law and divorce on demand in the Jewish communities and causing fake “agunot”.

The methodologies of the “agunot” activists can be summarized as follows:

1. Encourage Jewish women to rebel against their husbands, resulting in unnecessary divorces and family destruction.
2. Create as many fake “agunot” as possible by falsely defining any woman who demands a GET as an “agunah”.
3. Create a whole feminist victim movement around these fake “agunot” .
4. Indoctrinate and manipulate the fake “agunot” so that they believe they are victims of their husbands and misogynist rabbis, and convince them they are being rescued by the “agunot” movement.
5. Condone or encourage divorcing Jewish women to engage in all manner of legal warfare in civil courts, including denying fathers parenting time.
6. Engage in massive PR campaigns and exploit fake “siruvim” to viciously ostracize all Jewish husbands with Torah values (who seek to maintain their families) as evil, recalcitrant husbands who are allegedly guilty of get-refusal.
7. Harass, threaten, and intimidate any men or rabbis who oppose the feminist “agunot” movement.
8. Promote coerced and invalid GITTIN by harassing and pressuring Jewish husbands to provide divorces to their wives.

The Organization for the Resolution of Agunot

We believe that the Organization for the Resolution of Agunot (ORA), a Yeshiva University based organization claiming to be assisting alleged agunot, is in fact a vicious, anti-Orthodox, anti-Torah feminist organization promoting some of the worst possible violations of halacha (Jewish religious law).

We strongly believe that any Jews who respect authentic Torah values and who are concerned about the well-being of the Jewish family, should never utilize or provide any support or assistance to  organizations such as ORA.