Restoring Justice

Restoring Torah Justice and Authentic Judaism

What are steps that could help to return the Jewish community to the path of authentic Judaism? Here are a few:

  • Every Rov who is M’sader Kiddushin at a previously divorced women’s Chasunah must carefully examine the circumstances under which her Get was given, before the Chasunah occurs.
  • Publicize the names of Rabbonim who are involved in schemes of heter archaos, Get M’useh and m’sira.
  • Create lists of posul Gittin and the names of Rabbonim who participated in them.
  • Develop a set of halachically valid standards for Batei Din and toanim to operate by and only refer Jews to those Batei Din and toanim who meet the standards.
  • Forbid anti-halachic and unjust sanctions against Jewish men involved in divorce proceedings, such as banning them from shuls or requiring them to leave the community.
  • Develop a set of halachically and hashkafically valid standards for marriage therapists to operate by, and create a list of therapists who agree to abide by the standards. Only refer Jews to these therapists who meet the standards.
  • Educate Jews according to Torah true hashkafos such as can be found in the sefer “HaBayis HaYehudi” by HaRav Simcha Cohen Shlita. Encourage spouses to be extremely careful about observing mitzvos bein adam l’chaveiro (laws between man and man) when dealing with their spouses.
  • Emphasize the importance of fathers to the upbringing of Jewish children, along with the importance of mothers.
  • Reject gender hatred, scapegoating, and denigration of either gender.
  • Reject pro-feminist marriage books and guides based on non-Jewish values.
  • Rabbis must educate Jews as to the severe halachic prohibitions of m’sira and of using secular courts
  • In the Jewish media, defend halachic Judaism, Torah values, and legitimate Beis Dins against feminist disinformation and propaganda. Ban Jewish newspapers and media which spread feminist propaganda and disinformation.