Depositing Get in Beis Din

Depositing a Get in Bais Din

Some husbands, whose wives refuse to appear before a kosher Bais Din, may want to consider depositing a get in a kosher Bais Din and receiving a heter to remarry. Rav Sternbuch has allowed this procedure in a tshuvah 4:301 that is certainly worth reviewing. A translation of the tshuvah appears on the DaasTorah blog.1

However, a husband must proceed cautiously before utilizing this option. The husband must consider:

1. How feasible is it to locate a Bais Din that will allow a husband to deposit a get? Many Batei Din may not allow depositing a Get because they fear legal threats and public protests from feminist activists.

2. Can the Bais Din be fully trusted not to release the get until all court orders are nullified and the case is settled by the Bais Din?

3. How difficult will it be to remarry using a heter?

4. Does his wife value a kosher get to the extent she will leave family court and appear before Bais Din?

5. Will “agunot” feminist activists attempt to invalidate the Bais Din thus chaining the wife by preventing her from ever appearing there?