Jewish Family Destruction NJ

The following comment was posted by “Shalom” on a major Orthodox blog. We believe it describes clearly the disastrous divorce scenario in Lakewood and other Jewish communities:

“Sadly this scenario is now very common in Lakewood. Lakewood is experiencing a very high divorce rate. marriages are now broken up by therapists and support groups convincing a lady that she deserves better. The feminist movement is thriving there. Rabbonim involved with shalom bayis issues usually side with the women. There are many inexperienced therapists operating in lakewood due to the fact that the Government pays alot of money for therapy. There are two agencies that accept medicaid and push a lot of patients to meet with their social workers. Many of them are young and inexperienced. If a woman wants a divorce in lakewood the system is set up to immediately take out a restraining order on the husband, have him removed from the home before any Beis din is contacted. There are askanim (activists) and a powerful Rabbis that have a relationship with the local prosecutors office and court system. They then press child molestation charges and remove the children from the father. This has become standard now in Lakewood. This is used as a bargaining chip in order to get the husband to agree to the financial and other demands of his ex wife. There is a mafia of askanim community activists and Rabbonim who back this practice. There are Rabbonim who are aware of this but cant stop it they are threatened with mesira and are afraid to speak up.”