Orthodox Feminist Injustices

In many Jewish divorce conflicts today, a perverse feminist mentality is often exhibited by various members of the Orthodox Jewish world, including Orthodox rabbis, community activists, Jewish media, frum bloggers, and frum writers.

The Orthodox feminist mentality is utterly contrary to reason, logic, and Torah values.

In many Orthodox Jewish divorce conflicts today:

1. The husband is considered guilty until proven innocent.

2. The wife is considered innocent until proven guilty.

3. The husband’s actual faults and failures are greatly magnified.

4. Women are never held responsible for their actions, while their faults are either denied or else justified. Halachic mechanisms such as “siruv” are almost never imposed upon Jewish women even when women are clearly in violation of halacha, such as by using non-Jewish courts.

5. “White knight” men and feminist rabbis attempt to ingratiate themselves with women, and provide unqualified support for all women’s demands, regardless of Torah law, reasonableness, or justice. For example, whenever a wife “feels” like she deserves a divorce, unqualified backing is provided to her demand, along with claims that it is justified by Torah law.

6. Feminist rabbis and activists distort the “agunah” concept and other halachic concepts beyond recognition to create undeserved sympathy for women in divorce conflicts. Any woman who demands a GET and does not receive one immediately is falsely labeled an “agunah” who must be rescued from the oppression of her heartless husband.

7. Halachic mechanisms such as “siruv” ( or seruv – siruvim ) are falsely imposed upon Jewish men when according to halacha the siruvim should be imposed upon their wives. Public slander, abuse, and contempt of the husband and violation of Jewish men’s halachic rights are deemed perfectly acceptable and justified by the men’s alleged evil and misogynist behavior.

8. In public discussions including certain “frum” FaceBook groups (such as FDS – Frum Divorced Singles), men who support Torah divorce laws and oppose feminism, or men who protest injustices against other men, may be attacked as offensive, misogynist, insensitive, and unreasonable, and then booted from those groups.

9. A constant drumbeat of articles and discussions in various Jewish media including many Jewish blogs and Facebook groups focus almost exclusively on rights of Jewish women and alleged injustices suffered by Jewish women in divorce conflicts.

10. Severe injustices against Jewish fathers such as being denied access to their children, being robbed blind in non-Jewish courts, being booted out of their homes on fake domestic violence charges, are almost never discussed in the various Jewish blogs, Facebook groups, and Jewish media. Discussions of problems of male “agunim” hardly ever occur.