Rabbi Avraham Ort

Case of Rabbi Abraham Ort

We believe a terrible injustice has been committed against Rav Avrohom Ort, a respected Lakewood talmid chacham forced to flee America after his ex-wife Mrs. Manya Ort allegedly utilized archaos k’nedged halacha against Rabbi Ort, and refused to utilize Bais Din. Rabbi Avraham Ort has now been forced to stay abroad, far from his children, who have apparently been alienated from him while his inheritance of millions of dollars has allegedly been taken in archaos.

A letter signed by some of the most prominent rabbinic authorities in Israel is inserted below. This letter also serves as an important reminder of the obligation on Torah Jews to not only assist Rabbi Ort if possible, but also to assist any other Jews who are being persecuted in archaos shel goyim.