Message to Modern Orthodox Men


1. The ORA / MO prenups are designed to enable women to easily force a Jewish divorce using non-halachic financial penalties on their husbands, for any reason and at any time the women so desire. The women can then move on to the next husband.

2. The vast majority of Orthodox divorces are initiated by women. Most of these women initiating divorce do not have halachic justification for forcing a Jewish divorce on their husbands.

3. Misquoted and/or falsified halachic citations from respected poskim are being used to validate the ORA / MO prenups. In fact the MO prenups violate normative halacha and cause an invalid forced Get. A Jewish man has no halachic obligation to sign any prenup. The Jewish Ketubah is the prenup.

4. Divorce quite often has devastating consequences for children. Many of the children from divorced families will suffer severe emotional, physical, and psychological traumas from their parent’s divorce. Yet all we ever hear from the feminist rabbis are politicized denunciations of the alleged evils of Get refusal (alleged Get refusal by men only of course).

5. Divorce quite often has devastating consequences for fathers, who very likely will never obtain custody of their children, and may likely become alienated from their children. At best, many fathers will be reduced to the status of occasional visitors with their children, without any normal father/child relationship.

6. Unless they are wealthy, fathers are likely to lose much of their assets in a divorce and become financially crippled by alimony and child support payments. Many divorced fathers may become viritual agunim, financially crippled and unable to remarry, while their ex-wives freely play the singles market.

A Jewish man who cares about the well-being of his future children and his own well-being should see an immediate red-flag of danger if the woman he is engaged to is demanding he sign an ORA / MO prenup.

MO men should just say NO to signing any MO prenups that enable divorce on demand by self-centered women who use men as sperm donors and ATM machines, while causing horrific damages to children in divorced families.