We are presenting here a fictional scenario that we believe is entirely possible. The scenario is based on information we have received about actual Jewish divorce cases.

The steps in this fictional scenario demonstrate how ORA’s corrupt, anti-halachic policies can easily chain a Jewish woman, contrary to the ORA propaganda machine:

1. ORA or Orthodox feminist activists persuade a Jewish couple to sign a Modern Orthodox prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. Feminists deceive the wife when they tell her that the prenup or postnup is 100% effective in preventing agunot.

2. After several children, the wife becomes influenced by Orthodox feminists and decides, without halachic justification, that she is entitled to a Get.

3. The wife separates from her husband. She then retains a corrupt lawyer and files actions in civil court to take custody of the children, and to collect the halachically bogus mezonos payments specified in the MO prenup/postnup agreements.

4. The husband/father retains an effective lawyer who manages to obtain a civil court decision throwing out the ORA prenup/postnup agreement. (Based on information we have received, we believe there have been cases where the MO prenups/postnups have been thrown out in US civil courts. NOTE: This is not legal advice. You must consult your own attorney on this matter.)

5. The father consults a non-feminist rabbi who correctly advises him that he has no obligation to give a Get until his moredes wife withdraws from civil court and presents the divorce case to a halachic, non-feminist Bais Din. The father’s rabbi also advises him not to appear before the BDA Bais Din. The father summons the wife to a non-feminist Bais Din, but the wife, on ORA’s advice, ignores the summonses from the non-feminist Bais Din. A valid seruv is issued against the mother, but the seruv is completely ignored by the frum communities.

6. The father engages in aggressive court actions to maintain his relationship with his beloved children who are being alienated from him. The father vows not to deliver a Get to the mother until the mother allows him reasonable parenting time with his children and refrains from alienating the children.

7. ORA engages in a vicious campaign of slander and harassment against the father, and obtains a bogus seruv against the father. ORA makes no demands on the mother to comply with normative Torah halacha, but instead continually advertises the mother as an allegedly abused agunah.

8. The father’s non-feminist rabbi informs the father that he may not deliver a Get as long as he is being harassed and pressured by ORA. Otherwise the Get will be an invalid Get Meusa. ORA refuses to cease the pressure against the father.

9. The father is unable to deliver a valid Get due to the actions of his wife and ORA. The father deposits a kosher Get in a Bais Din and obtains a valid Heter Meah Rabbanim from a halachic Bais Din. The father proceeds to remarry.

10. The legal case remains in a deadlock in civil court for years, depleting the finances of both father and mother. ORA convinces the mother not to cooperate with the non-feminist Bais Din, and not to pick up the kosher Get written by the father. The mother is unable to remarry for years, while falsely claiming agunah status, with ORA cheering her on and using her as ORA’s poster girl.

The moral of the story: men and women who want to avoid being chained should comply with traditional halacha, and NOT comply with ORA’s policies!