Rabbinic Discussions – Pilegesh Marriage

The videos linked below offer an excellent discussion of frum divorce problems and present a solution in the form of pilegesh marriage.

Authentic (IE non-feminist) halachic principles of kiddushin marriage preclude any “right” to arbitrary divorce on demand by either spouse, and those principles usually invalidate any gittin forced on Jewish husbands. We do not claim that pilegesh marriage should replace all kiddushin marriage.  However from the standpoint of halacha, for those Jews who are unable to accept the halachic principles of kiddushin marriage, pilegesh marriage is actually far less problematic than the problems that regularly occur during divorce conflicts under kiddushin marriage.

(Rav Eidensohn starts around 16:00)

(Around 23:00) “85% of times or more (according to R. Herbst) the woman are asking for the Get, and 90 to 95% of the time they get the Get with some kind of a letter, so this is feminism…I want to ask you a question, … why shouldn’t this lady be entitled to a Get…”


Get Wars and Pilegesh #1


Get Wars and Pilegesh #2